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About Us

Founded by Director and Creator Alaina Viau in 2013, Loose Tea Music Theatre (LTMT) is changing the face of opera.

Our Mission is to revolutionize social change through the arts by promoting compassion and inclusivity.

Our Vision:

LTMT believes that art expresses, illustrates, criticizes, interrogates, transposes, and sometimes even transcends the realities, issues, and hopes of society by offering alternate perspectives. Art is an essential condition for democracy to be sustained and to reinvent itself. Art is a source of re-enchantment in a world where, unfortunately, fear, threats, and disillusionment are taking up more and more space. Art provides a social benefit and platform for significant social change.

LTMT provides social benefit through cross-cultural and social relationships. Through the use of opera and interdisciplinary performing arts, we create innovative and relevant productions that explore the universal themes of the human experience and specific social issues, both domestically and abroad. 

LTMT identifies and supports the work of emerging and established artists and their multi-media collaborators through the commission, development, production and touring of their works, which take the form of music-theatre, opera-theatre, multi-media concert works and new forms waiting to be discovered.

Loose Tea Music Theatre is a not-for-profit, registered charity.