Loose Tea Music Theatre is a not-for-profit, charitable music theatre company that specializes in classical music productions, taking an innovative approach to develop and stretch perceptions of the theatre and concert going experience. Loose Tea presents works that challenge the audience and artists to break from tradition and become engaged together in an experience.

Founded in 2013 by director, conductor and stage manager Alaina Viau, Loose Tea’s mission is to revitalize classical musical and operatic works, by imbuing them with the issues and concerns of our present day world, thereby providing a cultural entry-point between opera, andcritical social issues. By revitalizing classical music and operatic works, we identify their timeless relevance to today’s social climate. This exciting opportunity for the arts to explore and increase awareness of critical social issues is of vital importance to Loose Tea.

Loose Tea Music Theatre has produced and presented the following works to critical acclaim:

2013 – La Tradegie de Carmen, adapted Bizet’s La Tradegie de Carmen
2014 – Love in the Age of Auto-Correct, adapted Mozart’s Bastien und Bastienne and Stravinsky’s Mavre
2015 – Andrew and Andrea; Whose Opera is it Anyway; Dissociative Me
2016 – Trance Symphony No. 5, adapted Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony
2016 – Carmen #YesAllWomen workshop, adapted Bizet’s Carmen
2017 – Whose Opera is it Anyway, an ongoing original series

We also work with numerous artists from outside classical music, and have been commended for our innovative approach by critics, peer organisations and are an active member of the Indie Opera Toronto. Loose Tea is currently collaborating with Toronto Summer Music Festival, Symphony Nova Scotia, and developing a new concept for Music and Beyond. Whose Opera Is it Anyway is developing a touring series.