World Premiere Fall 2019

New Orchestrated Score by Christopher Lucas
For Two Cellos and Percussion

As an ambitious and strong willed women, Carmen, who works as a bartender, is working towards owning her own establishment. John Anderson is a PTSD war vet who is homeless on the streets of Toronto. He finds hope in Carmen who he becomes obsessed with. Carmen navigates a patriarchal society and is ultimately overtaken by John’s possessive jealously, which leads to her untimely death.

Although Carmen is her own strong independent woman, our history, stories and perspectives as women have been told through the lens of a patriarchal society on the backdrop of sexism and internalized misogyny.

With the rise of the #YesAllWomen movement, Loose Tea recognized the concerns voiced by the movement directly reflected the feminist issues in Carmen, and the potential to explore these issues further, with immediate social relevance.

In Carmen #YesAllWomen, Loose Tea strives to give the opportunity for Carmen to be told in a modern context, where the story is told through her eyes, as a strong independent woman striving and achieving within a
patriarchal society and the dangers that she faces simply for doing that.