Bastien und Bastienne

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Bastienne and Bastien, have a complex dating history having been “on again, off again” for a couple of year. They are attending a wedding when Bastienne mistakenly receives a text that makes her suspect that Bastien is cheating on her with an older, well off woman.

As she is trying to figure out what to do, she runs into their mutual friend Colas, a tech wizard. Bastienne asks for his help sorting out the mess between them. Colas knows what Bastien has been up to. He convinces Bastienne that he can help her lover back with some lessons.  His advice is to act coldly towards Bastien, which will make him come running back.

Bastien is heard approaching, so Bastienne hides herself. Bastien swaggers in, proclaiming how much he loves Bastienne. Colas informs him that Bastienne has a new lover. Bastien is shocked and asks the Colas for help.

Colas decides to hack into Bastienne’s email and shows Bastien how her account is clean of all deception and declares that Bastienne is in love and has always been faithful with Bastie. Bastienne, however, is still hurt by his actions and spurns Bastien with great vehemence. Bastien threatens suicide, which just makes Bastienne more angry and indifferent. Finally, the two decide that this whole situation could have been avoided by talking face to face than through their smartphones and reconcile. Colas joins them as they all sing a final trio in praise of their friend who helped bring them back together.

This really was a very clever reworking for the modern age that certainly resonated with me (smartphone addict!).


An ingenious double bill brimming with satire.

– Opera Going Toronto

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